Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Henry's hard Orange Soda

 Type: Soda
 Price: About $10 for 6 12 oz. Bottles
 Alcohol: 4.2%
 Flavor: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

 I look for two things in an alcoholic beverage; great taste and a mellow buzz. I'm not interested in the "privilege" of paying for an over-priced beverage or something that requires that I develop a taste for it.  The drinks that get high-marks with me simply taste good and are enjoyable.

 So, seeing this in the store, I imagined it was going to be amazing, like Sunkist soda with alcohol.  For all it's bright orange glory, the flavor is not nearly as orange as you might think.  It is not terrible, far from it, but also not great.  Kind of a "meh" flavor.  The drink is a little tart, akin to the flavor of vitamin C pills my dad used to make me eat when I was a kid.  At only 4.2% alcohol, it also doesn't have much in the 'buzz' department.  

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