Monday, March 7, 2016

Redd's Wicked Black Cherry

 Type: Hard Ale
 Price: About $14 for 12 10 oz. Cans
 Alcohol: 8%
 Flavor: 4 out of 5 Stars

 I look for two things in an alcoholic beverage; great taste and a mellow buzz. I'm not interested in the "privilege" of paying for an over-priced beverage or something that requires that I develop a taste for it.  The drinks that get high-marks with me simply taste good and are enjoyable.

 Redd's Wicked Black Cherry Hard Ale is a tasty and refreshing drink that has enough kick to start to have an effect after about a can-and-a-half.  The price is comparable to similar drinks, more expensive than beer but less expensive than a bottle of chap wine.  Initially, the taste was reminiscent of cough syrup (though having the consistency of a soda).  The cherry flavor and alcohol content are the culprits behind this initial impression, which quickly passes.  All-in-all an enjoyable beverage.

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